Keri Fishman

If you’re looking for a voice to take your project to the next level, you’ve found it! I’ve been delivering evocative VO narrations since 2004 and can be heard on all kinds of projects, big and small. In ads and video games, on the radio and tv, in stores, on computers and cell phones. Even on dance floors! I’m a spokesperson, real person, an announcer and a character. My voice has been used to educate, raise funds, tell stories, inform and sell products.  Don’t take my word for it, Give me a listen...
the versatile voice that commands attention on the mic

Check out some of my video spots:

Here are some of my radio spots:

My mic training:

‘Buttons for Ice Cream’
Industrial narrative piece mixed in the Quaketrap
4:53 minKeriFishmanVersatileVoice_files/02%20Buttons%20for%20Ice%20Cream-QT.mp3
‘Everything is Ready’
‘Thug Emporium’ track featuring my sultry bytes
3:06 min KeriFishmanVersatileVoice_files/01%20Everything%20Is%20Ready-QT.mp3

My sultry musical bytes:

‘Sasha: The Cyber-Squid Host’
computer interface track by Helium 3
1:55 minKeriFishmanVersatileVoice_files/03%20Sasha%20for%20Quake%20Trap.mp3
‘Haagin Schmaagin and the Banjo Manjo’
A song written by ‘Fancy Trashcan’ I read for Rock Band Land
1:41 minhttp://rockbandland.orgshapeimage_34_link_0

Here’s a song story narration:

Windows Live for Mobile
4:21 min
‘Rocket Dogs’
Rocket Dog Rescue documentary 
for Animal Planet
2:04 min
Commercial Collage
1:04 minKeriFishmanVersatileVoice_files/01%20keri%20fishman%20commercial%20collage.mp3
Narration Collage
         1:15 minKeriFishmanVersatileVoice_files/02%20keri%20fishman%20narration%20collage.mp3

Thanks for checking out my site.  I hope you liked what you heard...

Keri Fishman

the versatile voice

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Happy Casting!

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‘Email Boondoggle’
Fido Systems helping video
2 min